The Victorian Outfit

$ 3,132.00

Arcos Silver Bow, Howard Core Case, and Shipping Included.  Shipping is non-refundable.

A beautiful antiqued instrument from our affiliated Appalachian Violin Co. A Stradivari model with deep channels, relatively flat arching, and a powerful, deep, soulful sound. Balanced and responsive; a delight to play. Based upon a Bulgarian handmade violin of very high quality, carefully graduated and delightfully antiqued. The bottom end is especially full, but not at all muddy. "Whiskey before breakfast" would make a superlative fiddle. Brings a warm smile to everyone who plays her. Surprisingly quick response for such a warm instrument. Exceptionally open "ah" tonality, but with sweet clarity. While currently set classically, she could be easily and quickly set as a fiddle upon request)

In keeping with the traditional practice of fine importers, "The Appalachian" is an excellent quality European instrument imported "in the white" (without varnish), disassembled, graduated, and usually rebarred in this country. Production makers generally do superlative woodwork, but are not trained in the details of graduation for tone, power, and nuance. Importing varnished instruments also presents challenges that require sturdy, harder varnish.

"The Appalachian" line of instruments are graduated (thicknessed) to one of several systems as suitable to the arching and wood of that particular instrument, neck shaped, and exterior detailed, then hand varnished. Substantial post-assembly voicing through the systematic application of a variety of techniques generates a clean, open, and responsive instrument.

General specifications for "The Appalachian" upper level instruments:
* European manufacture from fine European tonewood
* Graduation and barring in the US to a specific pattern selected for that instrument
* Careful detailing and neck shaping
* Setup with good quality imported components, including a good French bridge, soundpost made from superlative wood in our shop (currently using Italian spruce from Rivolta), and professional grade strings
* Post-setup adjustment of various resonances and specific voicing of each string and the overall instrument by working the interior through the F holes, the bridge, and the neck/fingerboard

This specific instrument, "Whiskey before breakfast":
* Bulgarian small-shop production
* Stradivari pattern
* Two-piece top of exceptionally beautiful medium-grain grain Bulgarian spruce
* Two-piece back of fine to medium grained European maple with even, regular flaming
* Lightly figured neck and scroll
* Graduated following a variant of the "reverse" system, focusing on maintaining even strain distribution along the crucial center line of the top and back, yet providing freedom for clean propagation of energy from the bridge to top and back
* Darkened wood using benign treatment including some nice Earl Grey tea, and UV exposure
* Super-fine silica ground, very thin, rubbed in and then off
* Multiple layers of honey-amber through vintage maple colored oil varnish
* Detailed antiquing of all surfaces to duplicate 150 years of loving use
* Ebony fittings with Swiss professional pegs, vintage style round tailpiece, and vintage style Dresden chinrest 
* Despiau bridge, classical cut
* Warchal strings, medium, mix of Karneol and Nefrit
* Beautiful open sound, ringing, sweet and malleable tone, excellent projection, effortless to play. Her clear dulcet "ah" voice is remarkable
* Fiddle setup on request

Price For Fiddle Only:  $2,497.00