The Kentucky No. 15.06.01:

$ 1,375.00

The Kentucky is a very nicely done, easy playing Oriental-sourced instrument varnished by William Weaver of the House of Weaver prepared for Gianna’s by the Appalachian Violin Company, operated by our luthier, Stephen Perry. This particular instrument, no. 15.06.01:

  • Warm, very clear, slightly reedy tone; good dynamic range, powerful
  • Set with Wittner finer tuner tailpiece and Helicore strings
  • Stradivari pattern
  • Even medium grained top
  • Spectacular two-piece back with broad descending figure
  • Broadly flamed ribs and neck
  • Ebony button reinforcement
  • Despiau bridge

 The key distinguishing features are:

  • Greater US labor content than the usual imported violins
  • Very enjoyable to play
  • Excellent wood and arching design
  • Very thin, hand-applied spirit varnish applied by the House of Weaver, antiqued
  • Final neck shaping, fingerboard planing, and complete setup at Appalachian Violin
  • Set as a fiddle with Helicore strings and 52 mm radius bridge 
  • Ebony fittings, Wittner fine tuner tailpiece
  • $1375 including shipping

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