The Appalachian

$ 1,995.00

The Appalachian is our standard model. The white instrument is sourced from a small shop in Bulgaria, with fine local woods. The graduation system used is based upon the Cremonese originals with additions from the work of Fry and the experiments of Chambers. Finishing begins with light wood darkening by UV and organic stain, followed by a thin ground containing silica and a range of other minerals in a non-penetrating binder. This ground is rubbed out with powdered abrasive, then sealed with lightly tinted solution varnish. The subsequent coats of oil varnish rely upon a mixture of powdered pigment and light-fast stain to achieve a range of colors. The instruments are very lightly worn and very slightly shaded to break the overly crisp “new” look. Setup may vary depending upon the character and intended use of the particular instrument.