House of Weaver - Hiroshi Kono Outfit

$ 3,290.00

Fine Japanese Hiroshi Kono Violin - Arcos Brasil Silver Bow, Howard Core Case, non-refundable shipping to lower 48 US states

Violin alone $2,650

Possibly the best value at this price point for the typical player, Kono violins are owned as backup instruments by numerous professionals.  Often characterized, and correctly so, as giving an expensive tone and quick response at a modest price. Imported and with final work by the Violin House of Weaver, started 1898.  Bill Weaver and his daughter Kristi do fantastic work.  The final setup and voicing of this instrument done by Stephen Perry, our luthier.  The images are of an example of this fine instrument - they are all beautiful

  • Stradivari or Guarneri pattern
  • Excellent spruce tops
  • Always nicely figured backs 
  • Various colors of red and amber, lightly to strongly antiqued 
  • Ebony fittings
  • High quality strings
  • French bridge
  • The Kono sound is big, round, clear, well-centered neutral tone, fast response, surprising projection.  A professional violin at an amateur price.

Price For Violin Only:  $2,600.00