$ 173.00

1.  Custom Nut replacement.  The previous nut was cut for a low action, as was the saddle.  The nut wore at the E string notch, leading to some open string buzzing, in combination with possible swelling of the fingerboard a little and worn frets. $60
2.  Fret crown, dress & general setup / adjustment.  The frets were worn somewhat in the first few positions.  This in combination with the undulations created by the loose truss rod led to irregularities.  I dressed the frets to be level again.  I put in a different saddle that gave a more suitable action considering the adjustments and fret dressing.  Note:  The truss rod was completely loose, probably from the humidity cycling of the instrument.  This allowed the neck to bow up and a slight rise to form by the body.  The issues reported may spring mostly from this cause. Please keep the truss rod appropriately adjusted.  $75.
3.  Light acoustic adjustment.  I worked the interior a small amount to emphasize the highs a bit more.  The guitar seems quite lively now.  No Charge.
$135 - less 20% discount = $108 plus $65 shipping (with shipping insurance included for $800)
Total: $173.00