Appalachian Violin Company prototype fiddle, "Deep Fryed"

$ 1,545.00

Appalachian Violin Company prototype fiddle, "Deep Fryed"  

High quality violin originally sourced from Eastman Strings, graduated in a less extreme version of Jack Fry's method explained in "Cremona Violins:  A Physicists' Search for the Secrets of Stradivari" by Kameshwar Wali.  See specifically page Figure 4, p. 142.  The basic principle espoused by Fry is the asymmetric graduation approach.  He finds the pattern of thick and thin spots in the top and the shifting of the "bullseye" graduation of the back to be important.  Our approach on this instrument was to test many of his ideas.  Most of the features are echoed, included a thick soundpost area, specific thinner spots along the bass bar, a thicker zone along the axis of the top from the neck block, and thinner "lungs" in the four quadrants.  As usual, the top and back were evaluated by flexing and tapping in the essentially traditional manner of most most makers.  Chladni pattern evolution was not done, this proving time consuming and no more effective than tapping and flexing for us.   Note that this particular prototype does not have the finish of nor is based upon the violin body that any future production versions will have and is therefore a substantially lower price.

The violin has a mineral-filled ground, an initial amber thin layer, and a coat of darker softer varnish.  It is set in rosewood, with fine tuners.  Post-assembly voicing revealed a brilliant, solid, open tone.  Passages are easy to voice.  Very pleasant to play, and surprisingly powerful.

Arcos Brasil nickel mounted bow.  These are an industry standard.  Handmade from very good pernambuco in Brasil by skilled makers, with commercial frogs.  Each has a different character.  We match a bow from the selection in our shop.  $500 with the purchase of an instrument.

Shipping: $35

Deep Fryed Violin: $995

Mach 1 Shoulder Rest: $15

Arcos Bow: $500