19th C German Amati Copy

$ 1,270.00

This instrument came into our hands after many decades sitting in a case, with old gut strings and a broken bridge.  It’s condition is surprising, considering how many 100 plus year old instruments show numerous repairs and much damage.  The label reads only “Nicholaus Amati” printed, then “17??” hand written.  A nicely made and rather decent violin or fiddle, currently set with Dominant strings, but would make a nice fiddle upon request.   Very very beautiful wood, really fine varnish, and a beautiful tone, somewhat reedy, carries nicely, easy to voice lines. Seems to prefer wood bows over carbon.  Strong without being harsh - an instrument that easily brings smiles to the player and audience.

  • Top of very fine grain at the center grading to quite wide at the edge of the lower bout, perfectly quartered
  • Back is stunning one piece maple with deep, regular figure, fine grain; ribs similar but not as regular
  • Neck and scroll decently figured maple
  • Broad channels, long straight run on the top
  • F holes decently done
  • Wing fluting scraper cuts visible
  • Fairly long corners
  • Nicely done purfling, short beestings, narrow white
  • Scroll surprisingly small and quite delicate, lightly built pegbox
  • Varnish possibly antiqued to begin with.  Reddish amber, fairly dark where left thick, shaded or worn away to a glowing transparent amber.  Really very nice.
  • A few older nail marks in the top and a couple of worn spots around the top edge.  A bit of wear by the lower treble corner with two very small old repaired cracks, one reaching just past the purfling, of no concern.
  • Fine ebony fingerboard, very high quality
  • New Swiss pattern pegs
  • Original fancy carved tailpiece, one Wittner fine tuner 
  • Despiau bridge
  • Dominant strings
  • Original rib mount chinrest
  • Clear, ringing sound, with a sweet but strong top end.  Well balanced.  Nice neck.  Plays easily.  The sweet shimmering focused sound is this fine instrument’s strong point, ahead of its substantial beauty.
$1100 reset for old time.  
$125  Baker Street, Howard Core, or Bobelock case, whichever fits best and looks good.
$45 shipping.
$1270 total.

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