Gianna’s is not primarily a repair shop, but we do take on outside repair work.  Some work we prefer not to do, and will so indicate.  Please ask for estimates.  We may not be able to provide estimates without seeing the instrument.  Contact us for shipping information and estimated turnaround times.


Fiddles / Violins

Bridge $65.00
Post $25.00
Install Tailgut $12.00
Reglue FB $35.00
Surface FB $35 to $85
Reshape neck $50.00
Glue seams $5.00
New nut or saddle $35.00
Install endpin $15.00
New pegset $85.00
Refit old pegs $5/$10 Each
Peg bushings $65.00
Top cracks (outside) $20.00



General setup (no fitting or fretwork) $20 to $75
Fret dress $35 to $145
Refret $220 and up
Nut dress $15.00
bone nut, custom carved $65.00
CA bridge, includes setup $155.00
Install tailpiece $50.00
restring $10.00
Speed neck $130.00
Extension scoop $90.00
Metal strap button $15.00



Bone nut $65.00
Bone saddle $30.00
Refret $220 and up
Install pickguard (plus pickguard cost) $10.00