Our goal and promise is that you will be able to take the instrument out of the box, tune it up, and play it.  It’s a simple goal, but many shops fall short.  We also aim to have it feel and play great because of all the extra work and upgrades we put in.

Gianna’s has become well known in the mandolin community because of Steve Perry’s work on acoustic improvement of the instrument, our mandovoodoo blueprinting.  This system for getting the most out of mandolins works extremely well and doesn’t alter the traditional appearance of the instrument.  Steve is active on the fine and useful site  It is well worth searching for his posts on various technical subjects.

While we work on all levels of instruments, we focus on carrying a few models from Kentucky, Eastman, and “The Loar.”  See our “Mandolin Brands and Models” page.  We attempt to stock our favorite models, and we can order in anything available from these suppliers.

We think a player should be able to open up a shipping box, tune up the instrument, and go.  While players used to be able to count on somebody going through an instrument and really working it up for them before they got it, that is no longer true.  Many expect to have to pay to get things right after they've already paid for the instrument.  That’s not fair.  Before we ship a mandolin, we:

(1) Level, crown, and polish the frets properly

(2) Carefully chalk fit the bridge.

(3) Extensively voice the instrument through our unique mandovoodoo blueprinting.  Instruments come with basic mandovoodoo, a $95 dollar value.  Comprehensive mandovoodoo is available for $175.