Guitar Blueprinting

For guitars, our work usually gives better response, crisp attacks, longer sustain,
and a more open and sweet general sound. Much of this comes from simply
reducing noise. This work was developed from the violin work. The general
steps are:

1. Get the setup straight.
2. Check the top and back pitch relationship.
3. Perform any more substantial bracing reworking.
4. Go through the sides, kerfing, and blocks.
5. Perform detailed bracing, plate, bridge, saddle, and soundhole work
6. Check and adjust as required for bass/treble balance and overall brilliance
and projection.

More detailed description of the process

Guitar blueprinting: $135 plus any setup and repair costs

To get this work done, please contact us for current turnaround time and fill out
this .pdf to send with your instrument. [Link] Payment due when work complete and prior to
return shipping.