Fiddle / Violin Brand Descriptions


Gianna brand instruments are, for the most part, produced for us by outside suppliers.  Most of our line is produced by the House of Weaver to our detailed specification, then undergoes modification in house.  We are very proud of these instruments and stand behind them completely.  Our flagship model is the Appalachian, based upon a German instrument with complete and careful graduation, barring, voicing, and varnishing.  

House of Weaver

Gianna has gotten instruments from the House of Weaver for many years.  The Weavers are fine folks and great workers.  Kristi does an amazing job on graduation and barring.  Bill is a general wiz and a great guy.  Their crowded and busy little shop in Bethesda, Maryland produces instruments at an amazing rate!    While we only list some of their models, we can get anything that the House handles, and can have custom left handed or five string models made.

Gatchell Violins

Alan Gatchell is a trained violin maker and keeps close tabs on the shops that make instruments for him.  While we do not list many from his line at this time, that may well change.  We have been extremely impressed and find some products to be an amazing value.  Expect to see more offerings in our primary lineup.

Amatis Fine Instruments

Amatis is a major importer, but produces many shop-label brands and thus is not as well known as Eastman or Core. They supply our Ming Jiang Zhu and Jean Francois violins, which are tremendous values.

Eastman Strings

Eastman Strings is one of the major suppliers of bowed strings in the United States. Their line is very broad and of extremely high quality.  We do not stock much out of the line because we tend to get locked into price discussions without regard for the substantial extra service we offer.

Howard Core

The Howard Core company of Anniston, Alabama offers an exceptionally wide range of instruments, bows, and accessories, in fact, a baffling range.  At times we will pick up and offer exceptional values from the company.  They, for example, now ship the well known Bobelock cases.