Vintage - Wenzel Fuchs Master Art No. 30 - 1952 - Eltersdorf

$ 1,500.00

Shipping Included.  Re-graduated and optimized.
A decent and very pretty violin from the post-war period.  Top has been off, graduated and bar adjusted, set up here.  Really nice condition, surprisingly good shape.  Clear, singing, nice ring to it.  Good very solid and beautiful relatively high end trade instrument.  All setup work done here.  See the link for images.
Generic Stradivari pattern
Surprisingly open tone, singing, shimmering.  Nice sounding, easy playing instrument 
Top:  Fine-grain European spruce.  "A" grade 
Back: Beautiful descending flame 2-piece, "A" grade 
Ribs: Finely flamed  non-matching maple
Neck: Interesting medium figure
Varnish:  Amber red spirit shaded varnish 
Fittings:  Ebony with one fine tuner, interesting original flame-maple side mount chinrest 
Bridge: Despiau French
Post:  Hand-split spruce
Strings: Tonic

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